Over my years in coaching I have heard many great quotes, inspirational ideas, and motivational quips but one of my favorite has to do with great practices.  As your season begins remember this:

3 People That Can’t Afford to Have Bad Practices:

1. The Head Coach

The Head Coach must lead your program and cannot have a bad day in preparing him or herself, his staff, the managers, and creating an environment or culture of competitiveness and accountability.  The Head Coach must bring the passion and enthusiasm at the core of EVERY PRACTICE.  In addition the Head Coach and his/her staff must ask the most himself, his best player and his point guard.




2. Your Best Player

Making your best player the best player in practice every day is perhaps the most critical aspect of your season!  If your best player is held accountable every day he or she will become much more respected and so will the coaching staff.  Simply put…YOUR BEST PLAYER NEEDS TO BE YOUR HARDEST WORKER!




3. Your Point Guard

Finally, your point guard has got to become a Head Coach on the floor.  He/she must be in concert with the coach and know exactly what the coach wants on the floor.  Your point guard must be coached before, during and after practice along with spending time with staff watching film to close the learning curve and make your team better.