In 20 plus years at the high school level of coaching and 7 years as a high level AAU Coach, one of the greatest factors in your team’s success is the ability of a coach to clearly define roles and goals.  To avoid uncertainty and confusion, clearly defining the roles on a team is essential to make players perform their best and for teams to achieve success.

I usually gave my teams a preseason questionnaire to help define these roles in the preseason so they had to time reflect and we as a team could go over their answers as a group.  Besides this exercise, I also had the team line up on the baseline and had them line themselves up from left to right according to who were the best shooters on the team.  Not only, is it interesting to see who puts themselves where in line, but to hear their comments, discussions, and reasoning along the way.  Recently I heard the term in recruiting circles and it was resounding! This completely makes sense if you are recruiting at the college level as well.

Don’t find your shooters….Find your MAKERS!

There is a big difference between a shooter and a maker! Anyone on the team can be a shooter because they can all shoot the ball.  Makers make shots, they don’t just shoot.  Makers are capable of very high percentages, they are the highest on the totem pole or in the pecking order.  Makers should shoot more and are the guys that the rest of the team should be screening for every possession!  The Makers will be given much more freedom, not because they are privileged, but because they have earned it.  When (shot selection) and roles are being created, reinforced, and made habit over time….players should know WHO THE MAKERS ARE!