One of the greatest advantages a team can create is the ability to get extra possessions in a game. Without a doubt one of the greatest equalizers in the game is the Art of Rebounding to help create those possessions.  Dennis Rodman, a 5-time world champion, 2-time Defensive POY award winner and an incredible 7-time NBA Rebounding Champion at 6’6″ 220 pounds is the greatest example of one of the greatest lines I have heard in coaching with regard to rebounding:


Many players in high school or at any level want to shoot and score. Over his career I can almost guarantee that the Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons and Los Angeles Lakers NEVER ran a play for Rodman to score.

Rodman made his millions by using the idea that:  EVERY SHOT WAS A PASS TO HIM!! To achieve this coaches need to improve, change or consider the following things to improve your team rebounding.

1.  Emphasize graded/scored competitive rebounding drills daily! Tom Izzo and Michigan State is probably the greatest example of how to get more possessions rebounding as they usually lead the nation in this category and have COMMITTED THEMSELVES to daily rebounding competition with losers running and winners rewarded.

2. Create a Cultural Change and Rebounding Attitude.  This can be established through these competitive drills and re-emphasized by having a coach or a manager SCORE both offensive and defensive drills.  Create a point system for offensive and defensive rebounding and place winning and losing consequences/rewards. A great tool for improving rebounding is  using rim caps that you can purchase from wholesaler dealers.   These caps eliminate makes on both ends and the ONLY WAY A TEAM CAN SCORE IS BY GETTING REBOUNDS! Get a Rim Cover for both baskets!

3.  Rebounding Triangle: Get your players on the offensive end to create a Rebounding Triangle on every shot. Cover the 2 Low Blocks and down the lane middle of those blocks. Every drill you do you must get offensive players to this triangle!!

4.  Long Shots Long Rebounds Rule: Anticipate and know what kind of shot is taken and where it is taken from.  Long shots mean long rebounds.  Screening out earlier and more often will definitely help.

Rodman Rules and first and foremost if players took the attitude that…

EVERY SHOT IS A PASS TO YOU…you will add possessions and points!