Brenda Solano – Blueprint Coordinator of Website and

Marketing Development

Blueprint Basketball’s Website and Marketing Director is Brenda Solano of MY VA ROCKS. 

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MY VA ROCKS is a small Virtual Assistant firm located in Southern California, providing professional Virtual Assistant services and WordPress Websites to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

My VA Rocks was founded by Brenda Solano M.Ed., who has been dabbling in technology for 20 years, since teaching computer classes after graduating from college in 1990. After teaching & then corporate life, Brenda entered the entrepreneurial world and has not looked back.

Our clients are located throughout the U.S. and Australia and are typically conscious entrepreneurs and have a pulsing desire to make the world a better place, and help others achieve their desires whether it be financial, business, health or love.

We specialize in helping online businesses with their e-commerce tasks. This includes website maintenance and design, shopping cart items, email marketing, social media and affiliate management. We are highly trained in the hottest programs today (which of course are constantly changing!).

We are at heart tech geeks, love doing these tasks and are happy to take them off your hands. Most clients feel a huge sense of relief once their items are taken care of and they no longer have to deal with learning technology or that latest new program. This allows you to focus on other aspects of their business that you actually love doing- working with clients and creating new products or services.

What makes us different? Not only do we take pride in our quality, professional work; we treat your business like our business. We lay awake at night thinking about your business, your website, etc., just like we would our own. No, seriously. We don’t settle and don’t expect you to either. We understand that your website, your email blasts and every other component of your online business… represents your brand to the world. We make sure it reflects you in the very best light possible.