In 2004 my high school team had a great season in terms of a winning record however the season could have been a disaster!  What was most impressive was the team’s ability to win one possession games!  I can remember throughout that season the team always came up with a clutch play that usually decided the game or, when I think about it, several plays during the games that got us “extra possessions” in seemingly desperate situations.  When the season was over the team ended up winning 13 of 15 one possession games!!

13 one possession game victories was crazy and this past year my team won 7 of 14 league games by ONE POSSESSION leading to a LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP.  We could have easily have been at the bottom of the pack but FOUND WAYS AND MADE PLAYS! Ask your players from year-to-year….

1.  “How many one possession games did we play in last season?” Look at scores from a year ago!

2.  Practice one possession games or situations in practice daily.

3.  Use the clock, the scoreboard, and a coach or manager in situations daily.

4.  Grade Hustle Plays in practice and reward individuals and the team when they make plays.

5.  Reinforce the behavior by ending practice with a Hustle Play Drill.

6.  Hustle Plays=Momentum, Momentum=Runs, Runs Equal Wins!

In any given season 1 play could make or break your season, using a  “Play Every Possession Like It’s the Last Possession of the the Game” Motto can really help motivate your players.

“Many things come to those who wait, but all things to those who hustle.”  Abe Lincoln