do you deal with an effective post player on the defensive end? Over the years, I have used a variety of defenses to stop an effective post player on the opposing team including full front, pressing to create tempo to not let the team set up offensively, have used zones, and most effectively have doubled the post.  There are a variety of ways in man-to-man defense to double the post and differing philosophies based upon defensive principals and player personnel.  Here are some basics for thought in defending the post:

1.  Deep Hole Double Top Side

Taking a weakside defender to double the post “on the catch” from the top side. Doubling “on the catch” and putting chest to post player’s shoulder and having the Top Hole rotate down to replace the Deep Hole (defender under the basket at the split/mid line).  Force the post player to dribble out to the corner, deny all strong side passes and switch all strong side screening action.  This forces the Post Player to make a weakside pass out of the double team which is difficult to do and the 5 man is typically the worst passer on the team.

2.    Deep Hole Double Bottom or Baseline Side

Taking a weakside defender to double the post “on the catch” from the bottom side.  Typically in the NBA, teams do not double from the top side and they like to bring a double from the baseline or bottom side with a guard.  Reason being if you double from the top side with guard or smaller player, it may be easier for the 5 man to pass over a guard.  This is why in the NBA double teams from the Deep Hole typically are done from the bottom side with a smaller player and the X5 defender has top side responsibility.

3.   Strong Side Double Down from the Wing

Taking a strong side defender who man made the pass into the post and doubling with him.  This is an easy double but most coaches have shooters on the same side of the ball and if you double from the wing on the strong side the easiest pass out of the double is right back to the wing to a good shooter….or even worse a maker!

4.   Doubling Down on the Post from the Top

Taking a defender from the point or top and doubling the post.  If you want to stay home on the wing you can double from the top or point but again you may be risking an easy pass back out to a heady player.  Unless this player is a pass first, non shooter/scorer you will need to be careful.

5.   Worst Offensive Player Defender Doubles

Identifying the worst shooter or player on the opposition’s team and he becomes the designated double down man.  This is probably the most effective choice and the easiest in the area of communication, consistency, and effectiveness in my opinion.  Just find the worst shooter on the floor to start the game and as substitutions occur, continue to play the percentages and make you double down man the defender who is guarding the player who you WANT TO SHOOT IT. 

Basic Concepts

No High Low Entry, Only Wing Entry

Play 3/4 Front If the Ball is at the Point

Double Quick and “On the Catch”

Go with Cutters, Switch all Strong Side Screening

Upon Trap Top Hole to Deep Hole Rotation

Scramble Out on Weakside Pass Out of Post

Best of Luck and Hope this Helps!