Season Summary Booklet

Simi Valley Basketball’s 150 Page Varsity Team Example

Blueprint’s latest product provides you with a template of how to build a memory book for each of your players at the season’s end.

Back when I played in high school my coaches created these books and I still find myself going back and looking all the statistics, the records, and most importantly, reminiscing the great newspaper articles that were written about me as a player our team nearly 30 years later. 

The game, the media and technology have certainly changed but the memories of playing high school basketball are perhaps the greatest moments in a player’s life!

We have all the templates for you!

You just type your team name and add your information!

The newest template in Blueprint Basketball will provide you with the following to show you how to capture these memories and will help enhance your program and player’s season ending banquet:

  • Team Rosters
  • Game By Game Statistical Leaders
  • Statistics for every game in a given season
  • Final Standings and Statistics from your league campaign
  • All League, County, Section, and State Teams
  • Your Program’s Record Book and Program History
  • Templates to help you complete the 7 sections of the book
  • How to capture all the media and articles from a season
  • How to create books for all levels in your program
  • Tips for money saving measures, running off and book binding
  • A complete instruction and overview section
  • Includes 25 plus templates just add your team name and information
  • These files will help you create a powerful memory book for players

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