Attention: High School Basketball Coaches, Athletic Directors,

Booster Club Members and Parents

How would you like to run a highly successful, money-making Summer Camp,with minimal work?


In a few short weeks, your summer basketball camp can bring in $15,000 every summer. This is money for coaches, the community and best of all- the camp develops skills of our future players.

Coaches, Athletic Directors, and Boosters:

My name is Christian Aurand and I have been in various level of the game including working as the Head Basketball Coach at Simi Valley High School in California for 12 years, have coached high level AAU Basketball, and have been an Advanced Scout in the NBA.

For over 20 years, my high school program ran a highly successful summer basketball camps for kids in our community. They’ve been very successful not by mistake! They make money, are easy to run once you have the blueprint, and develops skills of future players.

In all these years, we’ve learned to be efficient. I don’t like wasting time, but I do like having a high quality program. I’ve got everything mapped out and I’m ready to share the exact Summer Camp Blueprint with you.

The Blueprint includes:

  • When to start planning
  • Planning time involved
  • What to do and when to do it
  • Who to enlist for help
  • How to promote your camp
  • How to leverage the community
  • Forms, documents, checklists
  • Most important-Templates! Just insert your team or program name!!!!

You’ll have all the tools you need, a complete blueprint, for a successful & highly profitable summer camp.

When it comes to planning, you needed to get started yesterday! Just follow the directions in the Blueprint. Every aspect is mapped out, already set up for you, and all you need to do is print them and implement them!

It’s literally taken me 24 years to fine tune my programs, and organize them. Why re-invent the wheel when it’s already been done?

Blueprint Basketball Summer Camp

Make $15,000 Every Summer!

Why re-invent the wheel when it’s already been done? Tailor these templates for your program. Just Print and Implement!

This Blueprint Includes the following:

  • Sample Community Brochure
  • Staff Responsibilities
  • Camp Stations
  • First Day Sign In Sheets
  • Weekly Score Sheets
  • Camp Schedule for each day
  • Camp Homework
  • Camp Standings Sheet
  • Daily Awards
  • Showcase Roster
  • Camp Award List
  • Last Day Handout
  • Certificates of Participation
  • Mailing Label Templates
  • Snack Bar Prices
  • And more!

What’s your investment?

For only $97,you can make over $15,000!

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It’s literally taken me 20 years to create these time-saving, program enhancing templates, methods, and strategies….

If you are a new Head Coach trying to build an impressive and efficient program and want to save time energy and raise money, this is for you!!

If you are a Booster Club member or parent trying to help a program run a quality event/fundraiser, this package will make it really easy and successful!!

If you are an Athletic Director that would like to help your coaches in any program, especially during these tough economic times…this will definitely enhance your ability to achieve those goals!

To a winning season!

Christian Aurand

2008, 2010 Marmonte League and 2008 County Coach of the Year

Head Basketball Coach

Simi Valley High School

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First, here’s what others have said about the quality of our program:

“I have always been proud to say that I played at Simi Valley High School and watching the program 20 years later I am still proud to be associated with the program. The bar was set high early by Coach Hawking and through the years and ending with Coach Aurand it has stayed there.”

Don MacLeanClass of 88
C.I.F Champions 1988

“The Simi Valley High School Basketball Program changed my life and taught me that there’s more to basketball then just basketball. The skill/ life development, confidence, work ethic, teamwork, and heart that Coach Aurand puts into the program becomes part of every player that walks into the Pioneer Gym! Coach Aurand developed me into a Top 100 player in the nation and allowed me to be recruited by many Division I schools”

Dustin Villepigue #30
SVHS Class of 2001

“You should be so lucky if your son gets the chance to play hoops for Coach Aurand. I don’t care if you’re the best player on the court or the last one off the bench. The three hours a day practicing and learning from Coach Aurand are PRICELESS. I live in Utah now and would give anything to have my two young boys get taught by the best. I know under Coach Aurand you’re being tutored in the game of life and basketball by a man and coach who really cares how you are progressing”

Ryan J Briggs
Class of 93