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Blueprint Basketball Toolbox

Get Your Program Organized, Evaluate Your Players and Staff, Prepare for a New Season, and Motivate Your Players!

Basketball Coaches of All Levels:

My name is Christian Aurand, and I have been in various levels of the game including a high school coach, high level AAU coach, and an NBA Advanced Scout in California for the past 24 years.  In all these years as a coach, my goal like yours probably is to build a high quality, successful basketball program that wins both on and off the court.

During the course of any particular season your year can basically be broken down into 3 parts:

1. Preseason                2.   Playing Season                 3.   Postseason

The key to any season is breaking these 3 parts down and clearly identifying what needs to be done in each part to make your season successful….then you will need to have the tools that you can use to help you evaluate, improve, implement, and motivate your players during these three phases of any season.  Let the Blueprint Basketball Toolbox do just that for you!

The Blueprint Basketball Toolbox will Enhance Your Staff, Players, and Program!

The Blueprint Toolbox will:

  • Give you a breakdown of each of the 3 season needs with 23 valuable templates
  • Provide you with preseason tools to use to get you organized.
  • Help you with seasonal tools to better your program efficiency.
  • Show you what and how to evaluate your players after the season.
  • Help you evaluate you and your entire staff at season’s end.
  • Provide you with the most important templates for each of the 3 seasons.
  • Give you outstanding motivational clips and ideas to inspire your players and staff.
  • Reach into your new toolbox and choose the tool you need in each season.
  • Just insert your team or program name format!

You’ll have all the tools you need during each of the seasons, a complete Blueprint Toolbox, to help you become organized, more efficient, and to prepare/plan for the next season.

When it comes to planning, you needed to get started yesterday! Just follow the directions in the Blueprint. Every aspect is mapped out, already set up for you, and all you need to do is print them and implement them!  It’s literally taken me 24 years to fine tune my programs, and organize them.

Why re-invent the wheel when it’s already been done? We do it for you!!

The Blueprint Basketball Toolbox

Get Your Staff, Your Team, and Players Ready!

This Package includes 23 Outstanding Tools including the following:
  • Player Self-Evaluations and Goal Setting
  • Coaching and Staff Evaluations
  • Preseason Player Meeting with Coach
  • Preseason Team Questionnaire for Goals and Roles
  • Coaching Responsibilities for Assistants
  • A Program Handbook Template
  • Student-Athlete Weekly Progress Report Form
  • Recording Scores Sheet for Practice Competitions
  • Name, Address, Email, Phone Contact Sheet for the Season
  • Conditioning, Plyometric, and Skill Building Ideas for all Seasons
  • Individual Player Workout Planning and Charting
  • Stat Sheets for Coaching Staff During Games
  • Scouting Documents to Help You Prepare
  • 10 Commandments of Basketball Parents
  • Assessment Tools for Your Staff and Players
  • Outstanding Motivational Clips to Inspire Players/Staff

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For only $47, You Get 23 Tools

and Templates to Enhance Your Program!

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Creating a Team Website with

Auto-Pilot Website Donations

Unlimited and Ongoing Funds for Your Program

Two years ago, we created a basketball website for various reasons: To improve communication, implement calendars for parents, network with alumni, generate excitement, create a fan base (Our 6th Man rooting section), post schedules for all levels, list booster information, answer FAQs, sell our products, post our history, list our records, etc. More recently, we have used it to create cash donations! In this package you’ll learn how to collect donations fast and easy.

This Fundraising Package Includes the following:

  • Creating, Using, and Implementing a Team Website to Fundraise
  • A Sample Link of Our Website
  • Learn the program we use for easy setup
  • Collecting Donations and Fees
  • Building Email Lists, Networking
  • Building a Brand Name and Generating Excitement for Program
  • The 6th Man, a Fan Base at Games, School & in the Community
  • Building Your Tradition Through Your Hall of Fame and Records
  • Program Testimonials, Links and Sponsorship Ideas
  • Using the Website for All Communication and Calendars
  • Player Profiles, Coaching Staff Profiles, and Booster Information
  • Creating an Alumni Base and Dedicated Section for Networking
  • How To Sell Fan Gear Using the Site
  • Using The Site for for Marketing Your Team

What’s your investment?

For only $47, You Get 23 Tools

and Templates to Enhance Your Program!

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Here’s what others have said about the quality of our program:

“I have always been proud to say that I played at Simi Valley High School and watching the program 20 years later I am still proud to be associated with the program. The bar was set high early by Coach Hawking and Coach Bradshaw through the years and ending with Coach Aurand, who has raised it yet again.”

Don MacLean Class of 1988

C.I.F Champions 1988

All-Time Leading Scorer UCLA History

10-NBA Seasons

“The Simi Valley High School Basketball Program changed my life and taught me that there’s more to basketball then just basketball. The skill/ life development, confidence, work ethic, teamwork, and heart that Coach Aurand puts into the program becomes a part of every player that walks into the Pioneer Gym! Coach Aurand developed me into a Top 100 player in the nation and allowed me to be recruited by many Division I schools”

Dustin Villepigue #30

SVHS Class of 2001, UNLV

“You should be so lucky if your son gets the chance to play hoops for Coach Aurand. I don’t care if you’re the best player on the court or the last one off the bench. The three hours a day practicing and learning from Coach Aurand are PRICELESS. I live in Utah now and would give anything to have my two young boys get taught by the best. I know under Coach Aurand you’re being tutored in the game of life and basketball by a man and coach who really cares how you are progressing”

Ryan J Briggs

Class of 1993, All-CIF Player