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When you’re applying for and interviewing for a new coaching job, a professional Coaching Portfolio is your secret weapon. This portfolio will highlight your achievements and abilities and most of all, make you look like the professional high quality coach that you are.

A professional portfolio will make you STAND OUT from the other applicants.

Our latest Blueprint product, The Coaching Portfolio is a 40-template tool to help you create your own Professional Coaching Portfolio for interviews and  self-promotion.

The key to getting a new job or a promotion is not only a great work ethic, but to demonstrate to a hiring panel that your level of organization, preparedness, and professionalism is second-to-none!

The Blueprint Basketball Professional Coaching Portfolio will do this for you and will help you will great tools in preparing yourself for a new coaching position.

The Professional Coaching Portfolio will:

  • Give you a breakdown of each of the sections needed and provides 40 tools and valuable templates.
  • Provide you with a clear breakdown of the components of an outstanding and organized portfolio.
  • Show you how to step-by-step create the product with professionalism and detail.
  • Will allow you flexibility to use our templates and/or to insert your own documents.
  • Give you valuable advice and suggestions to help make you look professional

When it comes to planning, you needed to get started yesterday! Just follow the directions in the Blueprint Coaching Portfolio and you will have a plan! 

Every aspect is mapped out, already set up for you, and all you need to do is print them and implement them and add some of your own ideas!  It’s literally taken me 20 years to fine tune my programs, and organize them. Why re-invent the wheel when it’s already been done? We do it for you!!

First, here’s what coaches have said about the quality of our The Coaching Portfolio:

“Blueprint Basketball by Coach Christian Aurand is the best tool for coaches of any age or any level to improve your entire basketball program.  I have had the opportunity to work with Blueprint Basketball for a couple years and always find Christian’s ideas and templates easy to implement in our program to help us become more successful!  After coaching 20 years, I wish I had this information from day one, my life would have been MUCH easier.  Thanks Coach Aurand for putting together these ideas for all of us coaches to use.

Rob Hanmer

Cathedral City Basketball

CIF Champs 1999


“The Blueprint Basketball Coaching Portfolio was a great asset in helping me prepare for my interview. It provides real insight to the person being interviewed as well as their organization skills and true abilities at running a program. The coaching Portfolio is vital for anyone interviewing and trying to become a serious basketball coach.”

David Rebibo

El Camino Real CHS Boys Basketball Coach

LA City Champs 2011


“The Blueprint Professional Coaching Portfolio gave me the perfect blueprint to assemble my portfolio. Following the instructions and examples step-by-step, will allow any coach to put together a complete portfolio. This will be perfect for either an upcoming interview or just to organize all your thoughts, philosophies, and ideas.”

Lior Schwartzberg

Director of Operations,

Men’s Basketball, CSUN


“The Blueprint Coaching Portfolio is the ultimate guide to preparation as a professional. Having the portfolio guide not only gives me the preparation needed for the interview and selection process when approaching the work force, but it also keeps me in line for the step by step process while on the job. This summary and guideline to a successful program has turned the heads and impressed many principals and interview panels that have put my application at the top of the pile for job considerations, the rest was up to me. Beyond the interview process it has kept my attention to details and preparation at an all time high, and has kept me on the path of attaining the ultimate goal…a successful program. This Coaching Portfolio is an absolute must have! Before, during and after the job this portfolio guide goes beyond basketball or coaching and is an essential piece to any successful professional career.”

Chris Garton

Fulton College Preparatory


This Package includes 40 Outstanding Tools and 96 Pages Templates including the following:


  • The Coaching Portfolio Overview and Step-by -Step Instructions
  • Example Resume and Cover Letter
  • A Philosophy and Program Vision Section
  • Sample Practice Plans
  • Sample Set Plays Section, Man, Zone, BLOB, SLOB
  • Coaching Responsibilities and Breakdowns for Assistants
  • Coaching Evaluation Tools
  • Player Evaluation Tools
  • Preseason Roles and Goals Section for Team and Individuals
  • Preseason Questionnaires for Teams and Individuals
  • Player Handbook for Your Program
  • Program Builders and Enhancement Section
  • Sideline Guidelines for Parents
  • Letters of Recommendation and Reference Sections

Let me help show you how to put a Professional Coaching Portfolio together to make you look professional, organized, and prepared to interview and ready to impress an interview panel!

For only $49, You Get 40 Tools and 96 Pages of Templates to Enhance Your Professional Portfolio!

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Creating a Team Website with

Auto-Pilot Website Donations

Unlimited and Ongoing Funds for Your Program

Two years ago, we created a basketball website for various reasons: To improve communication, implement calendars for parents, network with alumni, generate excitement, create a fan base (Our 6th Man rooting section), post schedules for all levels, list booster information, answer FAQs, sell our products, post our history, list our records, etc. More recently, we have used it to create cash donations! In this package you’ll learn how to collect donations fast and easy.

This Fundraising Package Includes the following:

  • Creating, Using, and Implementing a Team Website to Fundraise
  • A Sample Link of Our Website
  • Learn the program we use for easy setup
  • Collecting Donations and Fees
  • Building Email Lists, Networking
  • Building a Brand Name and Generating Excitement for Program
  • The 6th Man, a Fan Base at Games, School & in the Community
  • Building Your Tradition Through Your Hall of Fame and Records
  • Program Testimonials, Links and Sponsorship Ideas
  • Using the Website for All Communication and Calendars
  • Player Profiles, Coaching Staff Profiles, and Booster Information
  • Creating an Alumni Base and Dedicated Section for Networking
  • How To Sell Fan Gear Using the Site
  • Using The Site for for Marketing Your Team

For only $49, You Get the Coaching Portfolio Blueprint plus the Website Donations Blueprint for Free

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