Random Thoughts on the Differences between Good and Great

Great Players:

1.  Always know the Time, Score and Momentum in the game.

2. Always understand KYP…Know Your Personnel in the game. Ex: Who are you passing to?

3. Never throw 50/50 passes. Get their 50% of the time and don’t get there the other half.

4. Know that a screen is a collision…..target a shoulder and a straddle a leg.

5.  On defense read, react and rotate on pivots to steal, not on passes.

6.  Get on the floor for loose balls, take charges, and get 50/50 balls.

7.  Talk on both offense and defense to gain advantage.

8.  Contest and Screen out on EVERY POSSESSION.

9.  Understand the value of shot selection.

10. Make things happen, instead of watching what happens.

11.  Acknowledge their teammates.

12.  Root and Cheer when on the bench.

13.  Communicate on the way in and way out of a game during substitutions.

14.  Are the first to arrive and last to leave.

15.  Out work their opponents every possession.

16.  Are over aggressive then adjust to the officials.

17.  Never let a bad or non call affect their focus.

18.  Never whine, complain, or make excuses.

19.  Never have a bad practice.

20.  Never use lip service and lead by example