The Law of the Skyscraper

Jon Gordon

When builders begin building a skyscraper they don’t start by building up. Instead they start by digging below the ground in order to create a foundation of stability. They have to go down deep and excavate soil, sand, clay, etc. to reach the bedrock so that they can build something that will reach incredible heights.

Our lives, careers and teams work the same way. If we want to build up we have to first dig deep and develop our foundation.

It’s not always easy to unearth the stuff below (the fears we have, the wounds we carry and the things that hold us back) but once we uncover them we can reach the core of our foundation and begin the building process to reach greater heights.

Today I want to encourage you to do some digging. Think about what’s holding you and your team back. What needs to be unearthed and dealt with? I know it’s easier not to address or confront it but remember the law of the skyscraper. If you don’t dig you’ll never be able to build the foundation you need to create the life and team that you want.

One of the ways I have built my foundation over the years is by choosing/receiving One Word for the year that is meant to shape and mold me to be my best. Five years ago my word was Purpose. Then it was Surrender, Serve, Pray and Rise. Looking back I realize that in choosing my word each year I was digging and building a foundation.

My word for this year is Forgive. I didn’t choose this word. It chose me. I wanted to pick Meraki or Expand but when “forgive” came to me on a walk one day, I knew that I still had some digging and building to do and that involved forgiveness. Forgiving isn’t always easy but it’s necessary for growth.

I don’t know what kind of digging you have to do personally or professionally, individually or collectively but I hope you’ll consider building your foundation this year so we can grow to greater heights together.

Identify what you stand for. Once you know what you stand for decisions are easy to make.

Have a vision for the road ahead. If you have a vision you also have the power to make it happen.

Know your why. When you know your why you will know the way.

Let go of what’s holding you back. Chose faith instead of fear.

Pick a word and live it this year.

We know that there’s a limit to how high skyscrapers can physically be built but there’s no limit to how high you can soar when you are willing to keep building your life, work and team.

-Jon Gordon