When I think about toughness in the game many things come to mind however toughness is certainly mental and physical. Bottom line tough players win! You have to have a lot of “dog” in you as a player, you have to want to go to war and be a “Foxhole Brother”.   Here is my take on what”toughness” means.

Tough Players:

1. Are overaggressive and adjust to the officials.

2. Stay in a stance.  The game is uncomfortable and tough players maintain a stance.

3. Dive for loose balls or 50/50 balls.

4. Take charges every game.

5. Set hard picks and understand that a screen is a collision.

6. Go to the glass relentlessly.

7. Never take plays or possessions off.

8. Contest every shot on defense.

9. Foul hard when they foul.

10. Cut, Post, Attack, and Screen Out aggressively.

11. Thrive on being challenged.

12. Have thick skin.

13. Play through poor calls.

14. Want the ball in big situations.

15. Don’t show negative body language.

16. Play through their own mistakes and their teammate’s mistakes.

17. Play both ends of the floor.

18. Play through sickness or being hurt.

20. Accept responsibility for their actions.

21. Start plays and most importantly, finish plays.

22. Talk early, loud and continuous on defense (ELC).

23. Recover defensively.

24. Are in great physical shape.

25. Don’t watch what happens, they MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.