Many of us have heard the saying “There is no I in TEAM” but actually there is!  In this day and age, being an effective coach is MORE about leadership and cultivating team chemistry rather than Xs and Os.  Recently, I saw a “to the point” visual that begs the question of I in TEAM and it seems that dealing with team issues would be a great topic. 

Whether it is a small business, a corporate office, or a basketball team chemistry is king!  There is nothing worse that dealing with political malcontents, negativity, cynicism, or people who refuse to be team players!  So yes there is an “I” in TEAM….it is in the A-Hole.  The answer is really an easy one…..cut the A-Holes who want to spread like cancer, who vampire all the energy from your team and who become chemistry killers. Simply put “Don’t tolerate them”

Here is a sample video from the Stanford Professor Robert Sutton and author of “The No Asshole Rule” that will show you how to effectively deal with these people.  Before the book was written, Robert Sutton wrote an article controversially featured in Harvard Business Weekly and had to be convinced to write the book I have read.  But calling things what they are is a rarity but essential as we have become a death-of-common-sense nation and oversensitive to the need for truth.  So here you go, check it out!

Take the 24 question exam here click the pic and link below:

In an age where team chemistry is paramount and no matter how talented your basketball, small business, corporate, or office team is….the fact is you will be much better without these individuals.  Growth will only come when you have a culture free of malcontents!

Best of luck and enjoy the Food for Thought!