Bamboo Tree LawYour players are like Bamboo Trees and you need to keep watering them daily!  Patience is extremely important even though at times it can be tough.  With young players or challenging players, it becomes even more important.  As you develop your players, set preseason goals, individual goals and team goals, always keep the Law of The Bamboo Tree in mind.  Bamboo Trees are often very frustrating to plant as they take an enormous amount of water and in the rain forest climates do get that water to grow over time. You can water a new Bamboo seed for up to 5 years with absolutely no visible growth.   However, after the 6th year you see amazing growth, about 90 feet in six weeks!  Moral of the story is simple:

Keep working with your players, keep feeding them the teaching they need, getting them the necessary time on the floor, coaching them daily and putting them in situations where they will grow.  Design your practice plans so that they lead to the watering of both individual and your team as a whole.  Through patience and continued watering you will see great results. In this analogy, the trees are your players and your ability to connect, coach, inspire, get players time on the floor and water with teaching daily will eventually lead to exponential growth.

Water the Bamboo Trees!